The Loaded Warrior

The full 15min version is online at last!

 Director Jay Broemmel’s nightmarish vision of the post apocolyptic future without beer. A remake of the 1982 movie, MAD MAX 2, The Road Warrior replaces cars with bikes and gas with beer. Starring many members of Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and machines by SLOUCHcycles including an actual flying pedal powered helicopter. A film by Jay Broemmel, Taylor Fitzgerald, and Steven Bellesiles. Warning: contains violence, nudity, drunkenness, & exploding Pomeranians.

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Posted on a Sat in February 2011f 2011 by Laird

Dragon Bike

Built by Jay Bromel in consideration of the Chinese  year of the dragon.

Chinese Dragon Bike at night by Jay

Posted on a Mon in January 2010f 2010 by Laird

Yuri’s Night 08′

Cyclecide’s own Bay View Space Administration, the BVSA in collaboration with NASA, celebrated Yrui Gagarin’s historic first voyage into space.  The BVSA presented bicycle flight technologies and training equipment from our Bicycle Space Program.Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut, even came by to check out our bikes and rides and gave us some pointers on space travel. We hope that the BVSA’s new relationship with NASA will further our goal of sending klowns into space.

 More info at:


Posted on a Sat in April 2008f 2008 by Laird

Winter Rebuild

We’re back from tour…
We’ve got lots of bikes to fix and build, as well as a new bus that need to be painted.

We love your new 1978 Gillig “One More Thing” thou she needs some work…
We are working on ideas for painting the new bus… the last bus had a World War 2 Bomber theme, dedicated to Jarico’s grandfather.
 R.I.P Shoo Shoo Baby.
Email your ideas to ” buspaint at ” and we will publish the best ideas online and to the news list.

Posted on a Sat in November 2007f 2007 by Laird

Spanking Bike

This bike was quite popular this year at Coachella. Made by Danny Girl years ago, now with youtube, you too can witness the joys of the Spanking Bike! Click videos to watch and note other rides in background!

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Posted on a Sun in May 2007f 2007 by Rudy

Suburban Intruder

Aka Lawn Mower bike…..   terrorizing anything that gets in its way and mowing a strip across America.

Suburban Intruder

Moses on the Suburban Intruder by Angela Scrivani

“What do you get when you weld a lawn mower to the front of a cruiser bicycle? If you`re one of the creative minds behind the San Francisco-based Cyclecide rodeo road show, you call that a ’suburban intruder.’” Daily Camera Sept. 2003

Posted on a Sat in May 2007f 2007 by Laird

The Axe Grinder

Cyclecide’s alter-bike mechanics have created an interactive kinetic sculpture that resembles a windmill, is pedaled by one rider, and creates music. We are calling this machine ”The Axe Grinder!”

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Posted on a Tue in May 2007f 2007 by Laird

Construction of the new HQ

Zombies preparednessWhat is this a Bike Club or a Hunting Lodge?

Thanks to TeamWino for puting on a fun benefit for Cyclecide at their monthly event “Lo-Gear”, an after Critical Mass spin down party that takes place at the Transfer bar – Church & Market in SF…   Money from the event will help with construction costs.

click the pic below to see what we have already compleated…

Down Payment

Posted on a Mon in November 2006f 2006 by Laird

Bone Bike

From the depths of hell, Gorgar’s trusty steed, the “bone bike”.  Built by Don Paul

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Posted on a Fri in April 2006f 2006 by Laird

Double Trouble

Here we have a quadracycle, aka sociable tandem or as we call it “Double Trouble” built by Laird. This altercycle was inspired by Bike Jeremy’s double bikes of the Austin Bike Zoo. This version is built narrower to accommodate the streets of San Francisco.

Double Trouble by Jingles

Posted on a Thu in April 2006f 2006 by Laird