Yuri’s Night 08′

Cyclecide’s own Bay View Space Administration, the BVSA in collaboration with NASA, celebrated Yrui Gagarin’s historic first voyage into space.  The BVSA presented bicycle flight technologies and training equipment from our Bicycle Space Program.Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut, even came by to check out our bikes and rides and gave us some pointers on space travel. We hope that the BVSA’s new relationship with NASA will further our goal of sending klowns into space.

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Posted on a Sat in April 2008f 2008 by Laird

Mars Bike from BVSA

All aluminum, full suspension. Answering the question no one
thought to ask, “what will people ride on Mars?”

Mars Bike BVSA

Posted on a Mon in April 2006f 2006 by Jay

Rocket Bike from BVSA

Part of the Bay View Space Administration, the Rocket Bike is one small step for bicycles and one giant leap for community space programs.


The Slouchcycles Rocket Bike could be the future of trans-bay transit.


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Posted on a Mon in April 2006f 2006 by Jay

Clowns in Space

Cyclecide is forever seeking ways to achieve our grandest objective: to put the first clown into space. We have the Mars Rover Bike, and a rocket bike (yet to leave the atmosphere). Our boldest attempts to reach space yet have involved lots of gas.

Clown Balloon 11 Clown Balloon 5 Clown Balloon 10 Clown Balloon 4 Clown Balloon 7 Clown Balloon 8 Clown Balloon 6 Clown Balloon 12

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