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  • Welcome to the press page. Here you will find descriptions of the Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo as well as high resolution pictures and past articles. For press related inquries email presskit(at)

    Clowns on the bus by Angela Scrivani

    “But what started as a club is now an in-demand troupe of welders, musicians, clowns, and general nutcases roughly two dozen strong.” SF Weekly August 2003

    Clowns in the Band Room by Angela Scrivani

    Music and more about the Cyclecide rodeo band at:

    “Cyclecide is a touring freak show that showcases muscle-powered contraptions welded together from bits of bikes salvaged from junk heaps, scaffolding, and car parts. “ FAULT LINES SPRING 2007

    Klown Ballet by DMV

    “Tall handles, double-decker bikes, unicycles propped up by roller-skate wheels…all of them awesome, and all of them practically un-ride-able.”  Wired May  2007

    Theyll also find Cyclecide, the worlds most famous bicycle rodeo. This comely creature is one of the troupes bikes, and sets the tone for what those who ride the bikes will experience. “They’ll also find Cyclecide, the world’s most famous bicycle rodeo. This comely creature is one of the troupe’s bikes, and sets the tone for what those who ride the bikes will experience.” CNET 2009

    Grub family goes for a spin by Scott Beale

    “Basically what the dozen or so members of Heavy Pedal do is build the strangest bikes they can dream up, and occasionally haul their collection of twisted metal to various sites and hold bike rodeos.” San Francisco Chronicle August 2000

    Koit and the Bull Bike by Angela Scrivani

    “What they bring, perhaps, is a message of levity during politically and economically stressful times. What they will meet, most likely, will be blank stares.” San Francisco Chronicle April 2003

    Cyclofuge at Coachella by Laird

    “I have not felt that innocent, child-like bliss until I saw Cyclecide earlier this year. They transport people into somewhere between Santa Claus’ Village and a cyclists’ acid trip.” 2004

    Swinging on the Cyclofuge by Angela Scrivani

    …”homemade bicycles–pedal driven Ferris Wheels, bikes with no seats, bikes with 100-pound motorcycle forks, 10-foot long chopper bikes and tiny kiddie bikes welded and stretched into immense jousting steeds, to name a few highlights–here is the basic recipe: rent Mad Max and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, toss them in a nuclear reactor together, and watch the ensuing mutant merriment”… Boise Weekly Sept. 2004

    Linda introduces the Mexican-Canadian bike

    “Look around, and you might see a lot of people having quite a bit of fun. Kids pedaling the Bike Ferris Wheel? Dorky guys giggling as they test out the “Suburban Invader” (lawnmower bike)? Girls in striped stockings screaming bloody hell as they bike-joust with padded lances?” Not For Tourists March 2007


    “Another audience member wheels forward on a once-innocent machine corrupted by gold mannequin legs, a leopard-print banana seat, and a nasty flamethrower that erupts with four feet of fire.” SF Weekly March 1999

    Three Seat Ferris Wheel in motion by Laird

    “It is from this heavy metal trash heap that Reesce and about 15 cronies fashion their weird bikes, contraptions that look like Salvador Dali dream- cycles riding through a psilocybin hallucination.” San Francisco Chronicle May 2001

    View from the Cyclofuge by Eric Gillet

    “These tough guys and crazy chicks may sell “blood towels” at shows, but they have a heck of a soft spot for keeping people — especially children, who adore them — having fun.” SF Weekly May 2004

    Rocket Bike take off by DMV

    Moses on the Suburban Intruder by Angela Scrivani

    “What do you get when you weld a lawn mower to the front of a cruiser bicycle? If you`re one of the creative minds behind the San Francisco-based Cyclecide rodeo road show, you call that a ‘suburban intruder.'” Daily Camera Sept. 2003

    Cartoon inspired by Cyclecide bus

    Moses pedals himself into a blur

    “A troupe of bike acrobats rode stunt bikes and juggled bike tires.” San Francisco Chronicle May 2005

    Bike Mosh Pit By Angela Scrivani

    “Two new cop cars arrive to survey the scene. Like their earlier cohort, they just pull up close enough to check out all the bikes and try to hide their smirks when two jousting fools wind up in a pile on the pavement.” SF weekly July 2000

    Tall Bike Jousting by Angela Scrivani

    “The clowns rode off in the morning with our good lances and all of my underwear. Damn you clowns! Come back! I mean, go back to SF where you came from!”
    Chunk 666 Bike Club, Portland August 2003

    August Wood on the Swing Bike

    Interview by Re/Search Magazine


    2 seat Ferris Wheel at Coahella by Jon Alloway

    “we took a spin on Cyclecide’s pedal-cranked Ferris wheel. Physics is great. With a single push, our identical weights made it possible to spin at top speeds without even breaking a sweat.” Wired Feb. 2007

    Summer Bull Fight by Jon Alloway

    “San Francisco-based Cyclecide is a collective of about two dozen people who build crazy bicycles and pedal-powered carnival rides out of bicycle parts.” Wired May 2007

    2 seat Ferris Wheel in St Paul by Jon Alloway

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