The Axe Grinder

Cyclecide’s alter-bike mechanics have created an interactive kinetic sculpture that resembles a windmill, is pedaled by one rider, and creates music. We are calling this machine ”The Axe Grinder!”



The Axe Grinder fuses together recycled urban detritus in both visual and audible manifestations. As people pedal, they will control multiple instruments that combine into a unified harmonic experience. Every revolution causes windmill-like blades on top of the tower to turn and play four guitars, all tuned to play particular chords. Further development will also allow cyclists inside the tower to pedal a series of mechanized percussion instruments. The outside of The Axe Grinder will include bicyclists pedaling a ring that goes around the derrick operating as a turntable for a variety of melodic instruments such as wash boards and xylophones.The resulting whirling tower of instruments will creates music controlled by the tempo of the cyclists. As the riders pedal, they will be adding a harmonic cacophony to our pedal-powered midway that we are calling Bike-ophony. 



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