Pedal Monster 2006

Monkey Stunt

What a great weekend of Events that was….

Press Release

Poker Run on Friday (7/21) —Starts at Zeitgeist bar—, valencia & duboce. meet around 7:30 leave at 9 p.m. SHARP!  Wherein mutant bicycling fans and feisty cyclists are all invited to throw in $5 to
participate in a multi-bar POKER GAME involving DRINKING and BICYCLING.

Pedal Monster Festival on Saturday and Sunday
(7/22 & 7/23) @ the Mission Village Market
(18th & Alabama)

Cyclecide Bike Rodeo w/ Los Banos
Pedal Powered Amusment rides & Circus Midway
Monster Tall Bike Jousting
The Lifesize Moustrap (featuring Esmerelda Strange)
The Disgusting Spectacle
BMX Competition Presented by First Rule

Saturday, July 22nd
Kielbasia (the Accordion Playing Lunch Lady)
The Slow Poisoner
Glen Meadmore

Chris Karney
Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
DJs Toph One, Big Daddy, jef leopard, Ice Cream Lopez
MCs The Reverend David Apocalypse & Sean Kelly

Sunday, July 23nd
Hobo Gobbelins
Cross Tops
Glen Meadmore
Chris Karney
Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
DJs Toph One, Big Daddy, jef leopard, Ice Cream Lopez
MCs The Reverend David Apocalypse & mikl-em

down load high res 8×10 pedal monster poster

Pedal Monster Web Flyer

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Fire Arts Festival July 14 and 15th

Cyclecide presented 2 pedal powered carnival rides at this years Fire Arts fesival at The Crucible in Oakland.

More info about the event at:

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SAT. JUNE 3, 8:30 pm

death metal cookie monster tribute

mistresses of metal

not Devo, just an amazing mutation



plus CYCLECIDE rides and contraptions

2255 McKinnon ave, SF
(near Bayshore Bl and Cesar Chavez st,
hubcap throw from Bayshore Burger King)

a benefit for the cyclecide pedal powered zeppelin

wear sensible footwear
rides to bart available to deal with mid-night bay
bridge closureA bebefit for Cyclecide bicycle zeppelin project.


Show Flyer – print this!

“Could you please add Phillip roebuck to the list of bands playing on the 3rd.He is opening the show. He is a one man banjo band, and he will blow your fucking mindafter you realize you left your jaw dropped on the floor.

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Coachella – April 29th and 30th

Thanks to everyone that stoped by to see us at the Coachella Music and Art Festival.

See a quick video of the Carousel in action at Coachella on YouTube.

  The Cyclecide Stage and Tiki Shack at Coachella 2006 

Coachella Pics From Amanda’s Camera


Paintings Inspired by the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo at Coachella music festival 2006, by Keira Dooley.

Cyclecide inspired painting

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Saint Stupid’s Day APRIL 1st

What a great way to celebrate Saint Stupid’s Day
This year the after party was at one of the most unique venues in San Francisco.
View Photos of the Parade and After Party by John Sevcik

David  Apocalypse up holds Bishop Joey's church habit
A.C.E. JUNK YARD -> -> ->2555 Mc Kinnon St San Francisco
There was a huge line up of Music, Entertainment and Mayhem By:
Los Banos (CYCLECIDE Bike Rodeo Band)
Fluff Grrl
Jesus Fucking Christ
Violent Discharge
Deranged Pussy
North of Penguin
Esmerlda Strange
Bishop Joey
Doctor Hal
Professor David Apocalypse
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
Rock Star Bar w/ Flash & Victoria
DJ Renessa
DJ Big Daddy

View, Save, Print_high res flyer image here

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Portland Adventure Thwarted

Cyclecide attempted to caravan up to Portland for New Year’s Eve for the Chunk DCLXVI ring-in-the-new-year bash. However, flooding on I-5 stopped the vechicles. Rudy and Penny wanted to fly in an stir shit up in the name of all the others turned away by the Oregon border patrol, but they too were stopped — by a fever of 102!

Posted on a Sat in December 2005f 2005 by Rudy