Coachella – April 29th and 30th

Thanks to everyone that stoped by to see us at the Coachella Music and Art Festival.

See a quick video of the Carousel in action at Coachella on YouTube.

  The Cyclecide Stage and Tiki Shack at Coachella 2006 

Coachella Pics From Amanda’s Camera


Paintings Inspired by the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo at Coachella music festival 2006, by Keira Dooley.

Cyclecide inspired painting

One Response to “Coachella – April 29th and 30th”

  1. ToddKillings Says:

    You guys kicked Coachella’s ass. The best part was the look on passerbys faces as you played “You’ll Dance to anything” by Dead Milkmen. The rodeo kicked ass even though I can’t ride the backwards bike.

    -DRI guy