Wick Benifit

Our good friend and Black Label Bike club member was attacked by a black sedan while riding his bike home on Saturday March 15th.  A benifit was held to help him with his medical bills.

 If you did not make it but care to help
please message wick for his address or paypal to
send your address too, all donations will be responded too with art as


The bands that played: 
I yearn 4 maiden (iron maiden tribute!!!)
thunderdome vocalist Diva Marisa
Rebel’s Advocate
Los Banos
and The Hobo Gobbelins

Here is what happend in his our words:

so last night i was biking between two houses on my way to the wonderful world of sleep when some folks thought it would be an entertaining idea to try and run me over with their fancy black sedan. so there i am riding down peralta pretty fast when i hear bass and see them sitting there then i hear a screech from their car and they shoot at me in a t-bone fashion. i swerve out of the way and stop my forward momentum with my backwards face and hand. they come to an almost stop within feet of me and jet off while i am spitting out chunks of my teeth. i start to get up when i notice my finger is crooked at a 30 degree angle and twisted, in the middle and i can’t really move my mouth as it is already swollen up (and still is). i get my stuff together and get of the bike adding my bloodshed to the street that has seen so much in it’s life to nyssa’s and start banging on the door hoping for someone to please be home. at this point i know i’m fucked. i am not going to be able to eat very well anymore right now. and the pain is quite a nuisance, like having little nanobots with jackhammers going to town on my head. and i get a ride to the hospital (thanks ten (10) and melanie!)
i am getting my finger pinned back together tomorrow and am working on borrowing alot more money than i am comfortable with at the moment. what i need to ask is if anyone know a dentist preferably in the eastbay they can refer me too. i dont know how much i can pay but i can do payment plans and have a secure job.
i think i may try and have a benefit also…….and no you can’t have my tooth fragments.
thanks for hearing me out.
in painful stricken solidarity

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