Saint Stupid’s Day After Party


What: After Saint Stupid’s Day parade, after party; tent revival and swap meet
When: Tuesday, April 1st 2008 , 8pm
Where: Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street, SF, CA
Why: Because we LIKE you!
For more info: contact Annie Krist: 415 922-5966

It’s after the Saint Stupid’s Day parade, are you still feeling a bit peckish and looking to sate your need to be silly, but, don’t know what to do?  Might we suggest a bit more merriment and ribaldry to aid in your recovery?  Well then, come on down to the 6th annual after Saint Stupid’s Day parade, after party; tent revival and swap meet at Thee Parkside!  It’s just what the Bishop ordered!  If you are unfamiliar with The First Church of the Last Laugh and its contributions, checkout:  But, be sure to come to Thee Parkside afterwards for a celebration of all that is held dear by Saint Stupid himself…music, food, drinks and lots of fun!

Our fabulous guest MC will be none other than the illustrious Michael Peppe.  Michael will regale all with his wizardry of the spoken word and weave a tapestry of trance inducing poetry.  Plenty of musical interludes will be provided by the likes of some of San Francisco’s most intriguing acts.  Los Banos kicks off the night with their brand of wacky, mariachi inspired, clown entrenched, lyrical interpretations and will have you panting for more.  Just like the prison camp they are named after, Abu Ghraib will hold you hostage with their heavy metal style of music and leave you wishing water boarding was still on the menu…America; fuck yeah!  Next up, those Minstrels of Mayhem, Fluffgrrl, will thrill, delight and assault all the senses as they play their version of post-punk, pre-apocalyptic, art-fag rock.  Rounding out the night is none other than Evolution Control Committee.  ECC has been assailing the land with illegal music since 1986.  Those of you unfamiliar with
their shenanigans shall be forewarned; this ain’t your mama’s electronic music!  John Law will be on hand with some slide excerpts from his foray on the road with the Dogminican Trio.  Manny, Moe and Jack will be present!

All this and more packed into Thee Parkside, located at 1600 17th Street, SF, CA, 94107.  $6 cover, $5 if in costume, $2 PBR’s and $2 tacos available all night… doors open at 8pm…show over by Midnight (we know, it’s a school night) all kids 21 and over welcome to join in!  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the place to be after the Saint Stupid’s Day parade!  Hope to see you there!

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