Handcar Rgatta 09

Handcar Regatta

Cyclecide will be joined the mecanical and artistic wonders of 2nd anual Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa.

Hand-Built Railcar Races!

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Sunday Streets

Like the Playland days of old, Cyclecide set up along Ocean Beach in San Francisco as Sunday Streets opened lengths of the Great Highway and Golden Gate park to non-motorized traffic and activities.

Cyclecide Cyclefuge at SF Sunday Streets


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It is common knowledge that in Cyclecide we love our pets like our children… fortunately the inverse is not true.  This is the first post of a series which will feature Cyclecide Pets. (Kids coming soon too!)


Mamita is a chowhatsit from Austin Tx that has picked up lots of circus show skills.

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Freedumb da Klown

Whether he is mowing a strip across America on the Suburban Intruder or zig zaging across the stage on a swing bike, this klowns is always sporting his stars and stripes in the name of Freedumb!

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Dead Baby Downhill 2009

Join the fray at: deadbabybikes.org

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SAND by the TON

A grand opening fundraiser of epic proportions.


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Bay View Art Fest

Cyclecide took bike rodeo fun back to the old neighborhood.
Saturday June 6th.
Fairfax Street at 3rd. 

Performances by Los Banos, Charles Unger Experience, Bullet Proof Space Traveles, The Seastrunk Brothers, Danza Eztli Xicauha, Cougar Cadets drum corps…….and more…

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Children’s Book Project

Benefit event for the Children’s Book Project.
Los Banos
The Third Thursday Band
and More

7:30 -1am
Location: 3075 17th st
between Folsom and Harrison

Donations Excepted

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

Thanks for coming out to the biggest Makers Faire yet!

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The largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area known as NIMBY opened its doors to celebrate it’s new location. Art and Entertainment included Los Banos, Cyclecide Klowns, Cookie Mongoloid, Big Daddy, Phat Man Dee, X Ten, Binky, Boy Chaous, DJ Caine, the Derailleurs, the Disgusting Spectical, the Turks, Therm robots, One Man Banjo, Tilt a hurl, Orion Fredricks, Fluff grrl, It’s so $$$$ and More!

More pics and video on Laughing Squid

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