Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

Thanks for coming out to the biggest Makers Faire yet!

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The largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area known as NIMBY opened its doors to celebrate it’s new location. Art and Entertainment included Los Banos, Cyclecide Klowns, Cookie Mongoloid, Big Daddy, Phat Man Dee, X Ten, Binky, Boy Chaous, DJ Caine, the Derailleurs, the Disgusting Spectical, the Turks, Therm robots, One Man Banjo, Tilt a hurl, Orion Fredricks, Fluff grrl, It’s so $$$$ and More!

More pics and video on Laughing Squid

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Bike Away from Work Party in Oakland

Cyclecide and the East Bay Bike Coalition celebrated the after-work side of Bike To Work Day on May 14th.

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Modesto Family Cycling Festival

Good times in the hot Modesto sun. Even the local police got into the action by test riding our tall bikes through the obstacle course they had set up!

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