Cyclecide Takes Space Needle Home – Bumbershoot 2007


“I particularly loved the Mad Max, bicycle-powered theme park rides. Tear out the Fun Forest, Seattle Center, and give the space to the geniuses behind Cyclecide, please.” The Stranger Sept. 2007


We ended us deciding that we didn’t have enough time or the inclination to fix our current bus, so we loaded all our crap in a rental box truck and the trailer. Laird followed with his van packed full of klowns. Trip up was pretty uneventful from my understanding. Me, DannyGirl, and Kaytea flew up last Thursday night and lended a hand with the last bits of set-up on Friday. The B.C. clettes showed up with Critical Mass for an impromptu performance on the lawn.


 The Dead Babies let us crash at night at their club house and they showed up on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to help us run rides and ride bikes during the show, and helped us strike on Tuesday.

I was really worried about the show because I was missing so many of my regular touring klowns, but everything came together and the shows went great, even though the Sunday show got shut down a little early because the cops panicked when a jouster fell against a fence, and Paul da Plumber crashed into a bush, and it seems we were asked to not light up the fire bikes but we accidentally did it anyway, but other than that, we got a lot of positive feedback about our shows.

Plumber and Rocketbike by Sucka Pants

I think a highlight of the event was on Monday when Dead Baby Dave got eight Hells Angels to ride the Cyclofuge at one time. They were all dignified and serious while flying in their little chairs and pedaling their bikes. I understand some one’s going to send us pictures of that.


Anyway, as you can tell, the Dead Babies were awesome. They seemed to have fun too. They gave us some of their t-shirts and we gave them some of our swag and paid half their month’s rent for their clubhouse as a Thank You. Big props are due to the newbies who kicked ass: Christian for learning the Los Banos bass parts under duress, Chrissy & Sam for their great clowning, especially during the Double Date skit, Becca for rocking out as the sign girl, Alisa for kicking ass at the merch booth all day every day, Paul Rainville for his hi-la-rious turns as the Pinata Pirate and to Lizzie for making sure no died on the kiddie carousel.

There’s more to tell, but that’s the gist of it. I will be shocked if we’re not asked back.


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