Ace Auto/International Speedway is now just a memory. After
fighting the evil landlady off, and holding the line for well over a
year, she finally won on a technicality. After surviving 25 years of
crushing cars, disemboweling computers, racing power tools, thrashing,
bashing, moshing, paying the rent on time (25 years = nearly 1 Million
dollars paid in rent), collecting junk, giving junk away,
cross-dressing, jet engine revving, bicycle stunts, stupid pet tricks,
bad beer, good whiskey, bad jokes, worse pranks, and all the other
marvelous activities that we’ve grown to expect while hanging with the
Junkman, Ace is no more.

Ace Auto is Dead! Long Live Ace!

Big thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate this most important man and place at the halloween benefit party:

MCs Dr. Hal Robins & Mr. John Hell
Attaboy and Burke
Extra Action Marching Band
The Turks
Hammer Horror Classics
Mark Growden
Marisa Lenhardt
Esmerelda Strange
plus DJ Stradivarious Rex, aka our own zombie lover Big Daddy

Kal Spelletich (SEEMEN)
Paul Cesewski
Mr. Mark & Madame Rose, former reigning champs of Halloween with The
Haunted Barn, divining your future with livestock!
Costume contest for best likeness of Billy, dirtiest hands, and best
representation of junk

…and loads of archival ACE footage presented by #3

Badass Original Artwork for Poster by FITZ

Here’s the word from John Law:

During these 25 years, Bill Kennedy AKA: Billy the Junkman, Junkman,
Belinda, William Kennedy, among other nom de plumes, evolved into one
of the most atypical, generous, and best loved art patrons and
philanthropists in Frisco. From the early days of SRL (Survival
Research Labs) scrounging big engines and other industrial strength
gadgets from Ace for use in cobbling together various demonic robots,
through the later era of Burning Man Burnoids picking through the junk
in search of just the right widget to make their Playa blinky thing
work, Billy has given away more junk (good junk he could have sold for
$$) to starving artists than any fancy schmancy grant council could
even imagine.

Billy is out tens of thousands of dollars from paying an attorney to
fight his evil landlady. Let’s help out & raise some dough for a guy
who never hesitated to help others when in need. This night,
Halloween, 2009, we will conjure the Spirits of the Junkyard long
gone. We will usher out the age of ACE and, hopefully help the Junkman
ease into his future, whatever that may be.

For me, ACE was one of THOSE PLACES. One of the place in my life that
I count on the fingers of one hand. You know what I mean; we all have
those places and regardless of our luck in life, good or bad, there
are only a handful of them. These places are where the good things
happened. Where we met or really got to know our real friends. Where
we made the memories that we will take to our graves. The good times.
The stupid times. The place where, perhaps, we did really dumb and
embarrassing things, and, wonder of wonders, no one cared. Ace was
that place for many of us.

I hope you will all come out to support William Kennedy in this very
difficult transition to the next phase of his life. I KNOW, that
without The Junkyard he will still be The Junkman. It won’t be easy to
convince him of the truth of that statement, but I think we can do it.
See you on Halloween.

-J. Law

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