Hell On Wheels

The event in the lot at 19th and Flordia was a blast. About 30 bikers from the SFBMX scene were there doing all kinds of tricks. Derek and Ian of ‘Now Playing’ could impale your head with a CD, a beer can, or even a HotDog. We had a few rides set up: the Ferris Wheel, the kiddie Carosol, and the Twirl N Hurl.


Here are the photos:

Ferris   2 Setup   2 Gabe Kiddie   1 Colors HotDogHead   2 Sunbeams BigDaddyZombie   2 Ferris   3 Cyclecar   1 360jump Bmx Ian Derek Cyclecar   2 Kiddie   3 Kiddie   4 BigDaddyZombie   1 Colors August HotDogHead   1 Cyclecar   3 Derek Ian Ian Ferris   1 Setup   1 Derek Kiddie   2