Bike Rodeo
July 1st, 2000 - 3:30 pm
Go to the intersection of
13th Street and H Street
on Treasure Island.

[X marks the spot]
The intersection is easy to find: take the bay bridge (HWY 80) to The Treasure Island Exit. Follow the signs to Treasure Island (the flat half of that mass in the middle of the Bay. Then:
  1. drive through the front gate of Treasure Island
  2. pass the big white building on your right
  3. make a right as soon as you pass the big white building
    (about 100 feet past the gate)
  4. drive straight until you reach H Street. Turn left on H.
  5. drive straight 12 blocks until you reach 13th Street.
Alternatively, you may take Muni. The 108 line can carry two bikes, here is the schedule. Also, you may take a blimp out to the Island.

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