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Fall 2004 Tour

indicates a show sponsored by New Belgium Brewery

New for this tour, the Drumbike!

  1. Boise, Idaho // August 28th DONE!
  2. Reno // Sept 11th The New American 4th of July. DONE!
    Record Street Cafe, 945 Record Street, Reno, Nevada, USF {$5}
    Photos! More Photos!
  3. Omaha, Nebraska // Sept 18th DONE!
    Seymour Smith Park {FREE}
  4. Santa Fe, New Mexico // Sept 23rd DONE!
  5. Durango, CO // Sept 25th DONE!
    Main Street and 12th {FREE}
  6. Phoenix, AZ // September 30thth DONE!
    Ice House. 429 Jackson St. {$8 - $10 sliding scale}
  7. Flagstaff, AZ // Oct 2nd DONE!
    Wheeler Park {FREE}
  8. Denver, CO // Oct 6th DONE!
    --unknown venue at this time--
  9. Fort Collins, CO // Oct 9th DONE!
    500 Linden {FREE}
    Photos from 2003 in Fort Collins
  10. Minneapolis, Minnesota // Oct 17th DONE!
    The mpls show is at 1 on 1 bike studio, 117 washington av n. in the alley.
  11. St. Louis, Misery // Oct 23rd DONE!
    world fair pavillion {FREE}
  12. New Orleans, Louisiana // Oct 28th DONE!
    Firehouse. 9pm. {$5 - $8 sliding scale}
  13. Austin, TX // Nov 5th DONE!
    Opening for the PONG
    710 Red River {Admission TBA}
  14. Austin, TX // Nov 7th DONE!
    Cafe Mundi 1704 East 5th St. {FREE} Flyer.
  15. Dallas, TX // Nov 12th
    Doublewide in Dallas. Movie @ 6pm. Carnival @ 8pm. Show @ 9pm. {$5-$10 sliding scale}
  16. San Antonio, TX // Nov 13th
    --unknown venue at this time--

Clown Down!! Give him a beer!

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