Press Kit
What they've said...

"The tall bike jousting was very brutal, the all-bike mosh pit ruled..."
Choppercabras Bike Club, LA

"performers and audience members on bikes circled and collided violently with each other in a nutty survival of the fittest competition"

"The clowns rode off in the morning with our good lances and all of my underwear. Damn you clowns! Come back! I mean, go back to SF where you came from!"
Karl from Chunk 666 Bike Club, Portland

"These guys do to bikes what Dr. Moreau did to genes."

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Fort Collins 2003 Photos!

Professional photography provided by Fred Askew

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Rodeo klowns Gimpy and Drunko do the cha-cha Nobody can ride the Wrong Way Bike (but we dare you to try!)
Home sweet home: "The Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby" Jay performs a death-defying jump on the Atomic Bike
Rodeoooo! The Dizzy Toy!
Rudy likes to hurt people with Thor's Mighty Hammer Renessa on the Copper Toppler
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