PoundSF - San Francisco

Lock up your shiny new bikes and hide the beer -- San Francisco's own CYCLECIDE BIKE RODEO is back in town and ready to get stupid again on its home turf!!

After a successful spring tour that took Cyclecide's 14 or so crew members through the Southwest and to Mexico's insane Tultepec Pyrotechnic Festival - where they completely confused and overwhelmed the local crowds and sustained many firework-related injuries - the Bike Rodeo kids wanted more. At the behest of local legend John Law, Cyclecide's fearless leader JARICO REESCE carted his Rodeo crew, Law and some other weirdo performance artists, and three giant Doggie Diner dog's heads all the way across the country in a converted 1966 Gillig schoolbus. After a series of breakdowns, serendipitous luck-outs, renegade Cyclecide Bike Rodeo shows, and hilarious photo-ops in front of America's greatest tourist attractions, the crew ended up in New York City.

The day after the Porn Clown Posse helped the Rodeo storm Times Square and their homies performed at the legendary CBGB's, Cyclecide starred in its own well-attended, totally illegal street show - and Brooklyn will never be the same. And then there was the official New York City Bike Show. Hahaha!... many spandexed asses and bike-helmeted heads were scratched in shock and awe upon witnessing junk-welded rides like the Bike Ferris Wheel, Bike Carousel, the Spanking Bike, the Wrong-Way Bike, and the fire-breathing Chupacabra. The glamorous Cyclecide Rodeo Klowns flirted and threw pies, the stunt riders talked trash and hurt themselves, the tallbike-jousters tallbike-jousted, the Bike Rodeo band (Los Banos) played on, and the Cyclecide motto - 2 DUM 2 DIE - was proven once again with plenty of broken bones and busted eardrums.

"These guys do to bicycles what Dr. Moreau did to genes." - some Pittsburgh paper

Now, with a show that's more fleshed-out and scarred-up than ever before, the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo performs its only San Francisco show this summer before heading out on a three-month Western tour with their brand new sponsors, Fat Tire Beer. This will be the last time to see them Bayside until they baffle the Bike Convention People again on NOVEMBER 15 at the Cow Palace for the VELO SWAP, the biggest bike swap meet in the country.

SUNDAY AUGUST 3, the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo converges on the PoundSF in Bayview for a weekend BAR-B-Q / BAND FEST / PUNK ROCK CIRCUS BIKE SHOW of idiotic proportions. Local bands Los Banos, the Yard Dogs, Fluff Grrl, Dos Gringos Chicanos, and Cookie Mongoloid (the world's only death-metal Sesame Street cover band with cookie-spitting go-go dancers) rock the joint, and then CYCLECIDE performs its own 45-minute "show." (Hahaha! We said "show"!)

HEAVY PEDAL CYCLECIDE BIKE RODEO SHOW Bikes! BBQ! Beer! Bands (lots and lots of them)!!!!! Sunday, August 3 PoundSF, off 3rd Street, past the Islais Creek bridge, turn Right (before you get to Evans) - on the 15 muni line (which runs all night) 4:30pm-2am, $8