Past Events
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Portland and Seattle!

Seatle Friday August 5th
Cyclecide Klowns will be joining the fray as we participate in the Dead Baby Down Hill race.
We are bring some rides and our rocking punk rock mariachi band LOS BANOS.
More info at:

Portland Show
Saturday, August 6th at ACME (SE 8th and Main). Carnival rides will open at 3 P.M., Cyclecide's mutant-bike stunt show rock opera will perform around 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. Ride the 'fuge!
Hosted by CHUNK 666

-------- July 30th ----------
Cyclecide playing BOBfest on Saturday in Oakland 2pm
The Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo will be opening up the days festivities with a Punk Rock Bicycle Proformance featuring Los Banos and rodeo Stunt Klowns, starting at 2:00 PM. The pedal powered carnival rides will be set up for the rest of the day. it all happens at:
444 harrison, corner of Harrison and 5th in Oakland
See What other bands are playing here:
BobFest lineup
Bikes, Rides, more!

County Unfair
Cyclecide's Pedal Powerd Carnival Midway joins forces with the Giant Life Size Game Of Mouse Trap
Saturday June 11th, 2005
Bike to Work Day
Cyclecide Is providing entertainment for Bike to Work Day in Oakland. Thursday May 19th 12:00 noon Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland. Attendance is FREE! and their will be free bicycle valet parking by the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.
Bike Kitchen Aniversery Party
Cyclecide will be adding to the festivities of the Bike Kitchen 2 Year Aniversery Party. Free Event... Peddle Powered carnival Rides and Altercycles... Saturday May 21st 12:00 to 5:00pm Mission Village Market on 18th street and Alabama in the Mission district of San Francisco.
This is our 3rd year doing our show at The Coacella Music Festival. Check out our Cyclofuge Ride at the show. See you there Saturday April 30, 2005 and Sunday May 1, 2005!
Saint Stupid's Day Parade After Party

Friday April 1st 2005
Starts Early: Doors open 6:00 Show starts 7:00 sharp

Come titillate all your senses (and beyond) after the St. Stupid\u2019s Day Parade (now in it\u2019s 27th year!)! Mark your calendars and get yourself down to the 12 Galaxies for a fun filled extravaganza guaranteed to expand your mind (or at least expand something) and provide hours of entertainment for all\u2026

Come SEE the kaleidoscope and dizzying array of bands, performance and other sensory delights. Come HEAR the oratory skills of such San Francisco luminaries as: Bishop Joey (First Church of the Last Laugh), Dr. Hal (Ask Dr. Hal), Michael Peppe (Michael Peppe) and surprise guests that will leave you panting with anticipation. Come FEEL the vibrations and musical styling of: K-Rob (Musical Mastermind), Los Banos (Cyclecide Bike Rodeo Band), Fluff Grrl (Minstrels of post modern, old school rag-time), Rube Waddell (Modern Americana rock), Iceman\u2019s Johnson (which features a stellar cast including: Dr. Philo Drummond, Puzzling Evidence, Gary G'! Broagfran and other Church of the Sub-Genius alumni playing anti-music, anti-jazz) and more\u2026TASTE the excitement of knowing you are witnessing history in the making\u2026TOUCH yourself and know that it\u2019s all true! All this and oh so much more, all for your sensory pleasure!

The festivities and frolic will commence ON TIME\u2026the performance will start at 7pm sharp (doors will open at 6). There will be an opening benediction by the snackreligious Bishop Joey and the rest of the excitement will go until the wee hours

DON\u2019T be fooled by charlatans and other imitators, this is THE place to be on April Fools Day and THE place to go after the parade! An event NOT to be missed, hope to see you all there!

Tour De Fat 2004
This tour is currently has ended! To see the whole tour, check out the out dated schedule! Completed stops: Boise, Idaho DONE! Reno, Nevada DONE! Omaha, Nebraska DONE! Durango, CO DONE! Santa Fe, New Mexico DONE! Phoenix, AZ DONE! Flagstaff, AZ DONE! Denver, CO DONE! Fort Collins, CO DONE! Minneapolis, Minnesota DONE! St Louis, Misery DONE! New Orleans, Louisiana DONE! Austin, TX DONE! Dallas, TX DONE!

Yeah Haw! The Cyclofuge is complete!

This stop was in the parking lot of the Record Cafe on Record street. This place is agreat place to stop if you are cruising along HWY 80 and don't want to go inside a casino. Exit on Virginia Street, head North 1 block, turn right and drive 4 blocks to the Record St. Sitting on the bus in the photos below: Big Daddy, Linda, Fox, Penny, and Rafael:
July 31st - Golden Gate Park
Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park show up around 1pm.
New Belgium Brewery (our sponsers for one of our tours in 2003) is throwing an event in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. We will be part of this show: full rodeo - wear a clown outfit, ride your bike to the show, and you too can be part of the show!
August 6th - Seattle
Chunk 666 and the Dead Babies are riding around Seattle. If all goes as planned about 5 of us will be up there with some bikes representing Cyclecide.
May 23rd - Seven Year Anniversary Show!
Yep, the Bike Rodeo has been around for Seven years of scrapped up shins, bruised ribs, and Tecate drinking! What have we done over seven years? Made bikes, thrown parties, and drank beer.

The will be at "The Box Shop". Drive down Evans right on Innes, past the power station and there it will be on the left.

Ouch... bloody show. One guy got stiches in his head after being roped off a bike. Another person broke two teeth jousting!
May 8th - San Francisco, Bike Kitchen Party
Located between 18th and 19th streets and Florida and Alabama streets, there is a large lot. The Bicycle Kitchen is throwing their one year anniversary party. The Bike Kitchen is a group that gives bike repair classes -- sort of a bike-self-help group: you learn how to fix your bike yourself.
at bike kitchen at bike kitchen

The event was a blast, we ate hot dogs, watched the Bike Kitchen's Huffy-Toss contest and slow ride races. Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast!
May 1st and 2nd - Coachella Music Festival
The Coacella Music Festival will be taking place in Indio, California. Cyclecide will have some rides set up and bikes to ride.

But music wasn't the only attraction. The Cyclecide Bike Club, one of the festival sideshows, gave concertgoers free rides in their rebuilt bicycles and pedal-powered Ferris wheel. Some bikes were rebuilt to bend in the middle, providing an unexpected balancing challenge, while others had cutout tires as bumpers built to crash into each other. -

[We loved] the Bike Rodeo, a miniature amusement park filled with an odd assortment of pedal-powered rides. - The Boston Globe

Photos from Coachella in 2002

April 25th - Berkeley:
35th Anniversary of People's Park
Setting up the Merry Go Round The Bike Rodeo is participating in the 35th year anniversary of the creation of People's Park. This is an all day event: bring a picnic and hang out!

Here is a bit of history about the Park. Thirty Five years ago, on April 20th, 1969 People's Park was created in Berkeley, California. The empty lot in 1968 was called a "scene of hippie concentration and rising crime" by the University of California administration; they bulldozed the make shift community under the guise of protecting the People.
A year later, the People took the Park back -- the University had left the lot muddy and vacant -- and the People planted trees, flowers, landscaped, and constructed a playground for Berkeley residents and migrating hippie children. The dum,dum autorities got mad, rioted, injured 128 civilians, and killed several. No policemen were injured. Thousands protested, and the Free Speech movement was started.
Photos from 1969
UCB announement

Cyclecide is touring with Fat Tire Beer in the Summer and Fall of 2003. The Fat Tire Website has more information on the locations for the events. Fat Tire will be hosting festivals in many cities, and Cyclecide is happy to be a part of this event: Fat Tire Makes Beeeer!

Oct 25th, Tuscon - 4th Avenue at 5th Street , noon-6pm
Oct 19th, Austin - Cafe Mundi DONE!
* Oct 18th, Smithvile (Suburb of Austin) DONE!
* Oct 11th, Flagstaff DONE!
Oct 3rd, Santa Fe DONE!
* Sep 27th, Durango DONE!
* Sep 20th, Boulder DONE!
Sep 17th, Fort Collins @ Surfside Seven - Bar show DONE!
* Sep 13th, Fort Collins DONE!
* Aug 23rd, Seattle - Myrtle Edwards Park CANCELED
* July 19th, Santa Cruz - San Lorenzo Park Map! DONE!
* Aug 16th, Portland - Sellwood Riverfront Park DONE!
* July 26th, Berkeley - MLK Jr. Civic Center Park DONE!

AUGUST 3, 2003 - Bike Rodeo
Lock up your shiny new bikes and hide the beer -- San Francisco's own CYCLECIDE BIKE RODEO is back in town and ready to get stupid again on its home turf!! - SF POUND Show
New York Tour
We did a cross country tour in late April through May.

Tour De Tour Detour! Spring 2003
  • Saturday January 18th - Bicycle Drive-In, Bands, Movies. 1667 Jerrold.
  • Sunday January 19th - Bike Rodeo Tour Benefit. Ace Auto and Scrap 2255 McKinnon.
  • February 22nd and 23rd Bike Rodeo in Rutimaya, Austin Texas.
  • February 28th SHOW! TWIROPA 1544 tchoupitous Phone # 504-232-9526
  • March 1st, Bike Rodeo at The Arc in New Orelans, 511 Marigny
  • March 4th thru the March 10th in Tultepec. Tultepec PyroTechnica Festival, International 2003.
    15th Annual Fireworks Festival in Mexico!
  • March 11th and 12th in Los Pozas
  • March 15th Bike Rodeo in Tuscon at the Hotel Congress.
    Here is the itinerary for the whole tour.
  • December 7, 2002 - Tora! Torah! Tour-uh!
    Cyclecide presents: Tora! Torah! Tour-uh!

    Come kamikazi your bike at the Bike Rodeo! See death defying 2 dum 2 die hardened bikers perform wanton stunts of idiocy! Hear Los Banos the Bike Rodeo Hassidic Kamikazi Band! Ride da bike rides: Ferris Wheel; the 12 horsed Carousel! Witness the Homeland Security Bike fight for America against the Talibanana! Much much more! Rain or shine, its the end of the world! Sat. Dec. 7th, 3:30 p.m. at the boxshop, 951 Hudson in beautiful Hunters Point. From 3rd. st. take Evans/Hunters Point blvd. east towards the bay, past the power plant, 1st. bldg. next to the park. look for the white shipping containers. Info line: 415.695.1891.

    Map of 951 Hudson Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94124
    Friday June 28th, art show at Balazo Gallery
    7pm - midnight
    Check out bike art! Sculptures, paintings, and bikes! 2811 Mission st.@24th.San Francisco (415)920-0896

    Saturday July 6th, bike rodeo in Point Arena 10am - 4pm
    This will be our third year at the Point Arena July 4th

    Saturday July 27th, bike rodeo on Illinois St. all day!
    At the end of Pier 80 in San Francisco. more info soon Feburary 18, 2002 - Rodeo aAt Lola' cafe - 2pm- 5pm
    Rodeo at Lola's Cafe -- President's Day!

    November 18, 2001 - Benefit At Kimo's
    5pm - Midnight
    Kimo's is on Polk Street in San Francisco.
    Benefit for what? For more bikes and band equipment!
    (A bunch of crap got stolen from the Cyclecide workshop.)
    Indoor Bike Stunts!
    7 Bands!
    Bike raffle - win a freaky bike!
    Location: Kimo's: Polk and Pine in San Francisco.
    October 13, 2001 - Bike Rodeo
    Crissy Field, San Francisco - 10am - 4pm
    Cyclecide will have a full rodeo out at Crissy Field. The rides will be running all day, and the main event will be at approximately 3pm.
    October 14, 2001 - Cyclecide Monstrosities
    Decomposition party at Club CoCoMo - evening
    Didn't see enough of us out at Burning Man? Come to the Decomression Party at Club CoCoMo!

    September 30, 2001 - Parade/Bike Rodeo
    Berkeley - noon - 3pm
    Last year, Cyclecide rode in Berkeley's parade and had a great time! Come on out Sunday for Berkeley's yearly meeting of the freaks! Pictures from last year
    July 14, 2001 - Bike Rodeo
    Oakland - 3:30 pm
  • 21 Grand in Oakland (Near Broadway)
  • Los Banos and Queen Macha
  • July 7, 2001 - Bike Rodeo
    Point Arena - all day
  • noon until dark (fireworks at night!)
  • Point Arena is 3 hours north of San Francisco
    1. Drive north over the Golden Gate Bridge
    2. Stay on HWY 101 about 60 miles until Cloverdale
    3. Exit onto HWY 128
    4. Take HWY 128 West until it hits Hwy 1
    5. Head South on Hwy 1 for about 20 miles until you hit Point Arena
    6. Ask the locals where the Pier is in this small town.
  • Los Banos will be rocking out
  • New rides: Kiddy carousal and Kiddy tetter-totter
  • On Sunday, we will ride in the Point Arena parade, join us on your bike!
  • June 12, 2001 - Demonstration
    San Francisco
    Four bikes were demo'd as part of a larger show at the Exploritorium in SF, California.
    June 9, 2001 - Bike Rodeo
    L.A. - 5pm
      Los Angeles
      7720 Lankershime Blvd.
      Transportaion: Metro 166
      Photos from last year's LA rodeo from LA
    May 20, 2001 - Bike Rodeo
    Ace Junkyard 3:30pm
    Front Porch Ministry, Los Banos, and the Junkyard Sluts featuring Einstein will be playing as well (those are local bands).
    2255 McKinnon Street Directions
    Witness the human powered ferris wheel!
    Nov. 19, 2000 - Bike Rodeo
    Toxic Beach, San Francisco
    (Take 3rd St. to 24th, turn left and ride straight into the BAY!) MAP
    What Time: 2:30 pm till DUSK
    More Info: Call 415.695.1891
    Featuring: Death defying stunts, bikes flying over 5 flaming CARS!!!!!! THE SUBURBAN InTRudeR!!!! Blood thirsty choppers all of them too dumb to die!!!!!!!
    This show was great: Toxic beach is one of my favorite spots in SF.
    Sept. 24, 2000 - Parade/Rodeo - Berkeley
    Here are some photos from the How Berkeley Can You be Parade! About 12 bikes rode in the How Berkeley Can You Be Parade. A flatbed truck (driven by Mark Perez) toted the HEAVY PEDAL CYCLECIDE CRAZED PEDALIN OUTLAWS ahead of the riders. Heavy pedal! At the end of the route (near the Berkeley civic center) we all set up a bunch of rides for the kids.
    Tour 2000 - Our First Tour Ever!
    This next section is the crazed Tour 2000: 3 shows in 8 days spanning 600 miles. Loading up bikes can become quite tedious... it is worth it every time, though!
    Jay's Photos from All three events

    Bike Rodeo: July 2st 2pm
      Point Arena Wharf
      Photos from Point Arena

    Bike Rodeo: July 1st 3pm
      San Francisco
      Photos by Don Paul
      SF Weekly write up
      SF Chronicle interview
      Directions to the Secret Location...

    Bike Rodeo: June 25th 4pm
      Los Angeles
      7720 Lankershime Blvd.
      Transportaion: Metro 166
      Photos from LA
      The Chopper Cabras site!
      LA Cacophony annoucement